We are focused towards improving the wellbeing of individuals within our society. Employees are the backbone of this society we live in. Taking good care of our workforce will positively increase its productivity and leave the workforce satisfied and happy. Happy employees bring out the best in any organisation.

We are committed to helping organisation function more effectively, reduce avoidable health related paid off days, strengthen efficiency and productivity as well as provide knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle.

What we offer

We provide healthy and delicious meal options that are chef prepared with measured calories and macros, delivered right to your office premises. Enjoy a meal with nutrition in mind with your office mates, build that team spirit and bond through lunch or snack breaks. On otherwise busy days, sit back at your desk and enjoy your meal as you work on your tasks.

Whether you are an individual worker, corporate head, or an entrepreneur who is keen on keeping fit and living a healthier lifestyle, get in touch with us through the fill up form and request for an offer.

Let us be your trusted partner in your healthy lifestyle for best results.

Eat healthy, Stay healthy, live longer.

What to expect

  • Private dining with meals delivered right to your office space.
  • Separately packed meals; enjoy your meal anywhere, at your desk or carry it home for dinner. one or two workmates can team up and purchase a meal package that will be delivered directly to your offices.
  • Ability to customise your own personal meals to suit your goal.
  • Minimal need to leave your office space in search of healthy meal options; no more lunch hour rush, delays or long queues.
  • 100% guarantee of a clean healthy meal choice.
  • Gluten and Lactose free meals available.
  • All our meals are prepared by a Chef, We also focus on the taste.
  • Affordable full healthy meals with easy payment methods.
  • Increased productivity by cutting out time waste distractions and delays.


Healthy Day Package

  • Meals delivered once a week on the agreed delivery day for a continuous period of 4 weeks. For huge orders, number of delivery days can be discussed.
  • Minimum order of 12 meals per delivery.
  • Maximum of 4 meal options .e.g. 3 of each meal per Week
  • Meals are packaged individually with each member getting their own meal.
  • Meals are customisable according to individual needs
  • Convenience of having the meal at work, later during the day or as a team.

Individual Corporate Package

  • Minimum order of 12 Meals all delivered on the same delivery.
  • Maximum of 2 meal options. E.g. 6 of each meal per order
  • No continuous order commitment. The package can be a one time purchase.
  • Delivery straight to your office premises.
  • Goal oriented meals with counted macros and calories