We are becoming day by day more preoccupied with life commitments like family, work and hobbies. Juggling through this commitments without compromising on either requires good planning and scheduling skills. This becomes harder and tougher as we become older, especially when habits are more grounded. At a young age, we form habits, some stay with us as we age, some disappear. These habits mold our being and how we relate to life situations and commitments thus forming a lifestyle that might not be that conducive in the long run. We are always running out of time, not having enough of it or otherwise paying too much focus on financial gains and paying less attention on our wellbeing. Our weekends may be filled with wild parties, long sleepless hours and so on; making us weekend worriers but ‘subjects’ of the weeks. Don’t get me wrong, a little party never killed nobody, but it surely will when it’s a little too many.

So how do we find a balance and break the BAD habit? Here are a few pointers you might need to take into consideration as you edge towards breaking the habit and saying I QUIT to the bad habits.


It’s easier said than done with a huge majority of us missing out on the principles of a good routine. Lack of a planning is simply a plan towards failure. A routine doesn’t just imply on the already set guidelines that most individuals follow. If you work a 9- 17 job you already have a predefined work routine that governs and guides most of the other activities in your life. This should be easy for most with such jobs or lifestyles. Instead of spending your extra time after work on video games, try doing something outdoors like walking or biking. Unwind  on the bus ride home or to the gym by reading a book or conversing with person next to you. Get started by having a list of things that you need to have done within the week and apportion them equally. The key here is having a plan and idea of where, when and what you should be doing. Keep a notebook planner close to you or invest on one of the numerous Apps to help you in planning. Remember, missing out on one of your plans is not the end of the world. Get back up and keep on moving.


Now that you have your routine in check, let’s get into your physical wellbeing. Breaking the habit may require a more practical approach. Being a couch potato or sitting behind the computer for long periods of time might render you unfit. Partying all weekends and being a wild cat at night doesn’t count as a way to keeping yourself in shape. Get a gym membership, organise walks with your friends or go out for a run and let out the days’ stress. Exercising now and then will in the long run do you a lot of good, health wise and mentally. Just fit in something physical into your routine to help you get in shape, keep you busy and away from destructive choices. Keep your chosen physical activity light and simple at the beginning. Simple enough not lose motivation but exciting enough to arose progress and  continuity. Combining various activities like biking, walking and running would be a nice start. This can be done both indoors and outdoors and almost in any kind of weather. Remember that resting is an important component towards recovering and having a healthy state of mind. Get enough rest and take necessary breaks now and then.


Breaking the habit requires a healthy state of mind. This means surrounding yourself with positive energy and minds. Negativity spreads just like bushfires and usually burns down most of your already stored up good energy. You are also bound to be easily influenced  by others to deviate from your new goals and back to your old habits. This is not to say that you should cut off all your friends or family completely. Moderation might be a great start. Change brings out the best or the worst in us or our surrounding. Surround yourself with people that value and appreciate your change and decision but are still able to challenge them with reason. Doing things that make you happy and fulfill your life will bring about good mental health only if made with sound judgement. The key is to focus on your overall long run wellbeing and how current decisions affect your future. Get started by implementing small items into your routine that will provide the emotional and mental fulfilment. Go out for coffee with a friend, watch the football match with your buddies and only stick to that one drink rule  you have ste for yourself. Restrain from temptations and adhere to your own policies but don’t enstrange yourself from a social life.

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