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Business Name: Mealbox.suomi
Y-tunnus: 2930437-4
Phone: (+358) 40 175 1425
Calling time: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00
Email: info(at)mealbox.fi
Online shop: Open Always 24/7

Meal Box was founded on the premises of providing fresh healthy meals to individuals that were looking to achieve their own personal fitness goals but found it hard to do so. With minimal options around to offer such services, Meal box was born. Our aim is to develop the fitness industry in Finland even further in terms of providing fresh, healthy and affordable meals. We place extreme value on the quality of our products.

We wanted to offer the ultimate convenience for our customers while being a company that they can trust. We believe that we can all live that athletic life. We seek to eliminate the headaches of shopping, prepping and cleaning seven days in a row. Our personal lives are busy and occupied with other things like work and hobbies and shouldn’t be made more complicated. We are providing an opportunity to our clients to enjoy life to the fullest, save time and focus on the important things in life as we feed them.

Eating is a necessity in life, but it doesn’t have to be tiring and monotonous. Join us today and enjoy quality, tasty and healthy meals as you reach out for your goals.