5 Ways to win on your fat loss goal

Fat loss can be a long and terrible process to endure with and more than often individuals end up giving up or resorting to short cuts like pills that rarely work. Winter is almost here but summer is still coming. Bulking goals can sometimes go a bit overboard and there might be a need to start shading off some of that extra fat a bit earlier. Let’s face it, last minute diets and weight loss plans are hectic, rigorous and hard to pull through.


Before we embark on our chosen pointers on how to get rid of the extra fat in a healthy way, if you have an eating disorder history or are recovering from one, please do seek a physician’s help before setting a weight loss goal.


Here are our top 5 ways to lose body fat and beat the winter blues. Enjoy!


  1. BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT DIET. Burn more calories than you consume.

A calorie deficit diet simply means that one consumes less calories than they burn per day. E.g If your calorie needs are 2000 Kcal per day and you consume 1800 Kcal, you create a 200(Kcal) calorie deficit on that day. If you accumulate persistent and consistent calorie deficits in your diet day after day, you will lose fat.  However, it is important to note that one needs to be patient with any calorie deficit programme. Initially, the results are drastic and mostly clearly visible but then hits a plateau. Your body is simply adjusting to the changes and fat loss is no longer happening at a faster rate than before. But that’s not to say that you are not burning fat. BE PATIENT!


‘We are what we eat’ and what you put in, is what you get out as results. This is not to say that you shouldn’t live life and enjoy the occasional cook out at a friend’s dinner or that cake at a wedding party. Moderation is the key here, know when to stop and control your cravings. Yes you can have that piece of cake, but NOT the whole cake. Nutrition is quit essential to fat loss. If you consistently deviate from your set nutritional guidelines, you are bound to fail. Just like in any other project, one way to keep your nutrition in check is by planning your meals. Plan what you will have for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner etc. Execute the plan in form of meal preps. Prepare your meals in advance so that you don’t fall short on your plan and go off track with your calorie check.

  1. STRENGTH TRAINING . (3-5times a week)

Keeping your Calories in check and having a proper nutritional plan alone will only get so far. Your body is constantly burning calories from ordinary daily activities like walking, working, blinking, breathing and so on. The amounts are relatively low as compared to what is consumed. To take it a notch higher and maximise on fat burn with a strength training routine. Strength training might not give you the instant high heart rates, sweat-dripping satisfaction of indoor cycling, body pump or body combat, but in the long run, building lean muscles will definitely work in your favour as you push towards your fat loss goal. Simply put, a lean and tone body with significant muscle mass will burn more calories at rest and still burn calories during your strength training. Hit the gym 3-5 times a week and make some room for Recovery!


While strength training will build and tone up your muscles, an effective way to shade of the extra calories would be to engage in some form of cardio. Just because you have a strength training programme doesn’t mean you should forget your Cardio. Hit the treadmill or go out for a lit run as enjoy the beautiful finish nature. This will kill the monotony of weight training especially your strength training only happens at the gym. Explore the outdoors by taking a run, a walk, swim or a bike ride at your own suitable intensity and still burn some calories.

  1. FOCUS ON QUALITY SLEEP. (7-9 hours per night)

Busy schedules and lifestyles might not allow us to rest that much. Staying up late watching movies or playing games or partying will only derail you from your end goals and should not be an excuse to not having enough rest. Lack of enough sleep will trigger stress hormones that signal your body to conserve energy to fuel your working hours. This also means that your body doesn’t recover from your daily physical activities leading to body reactions that make your body prone to weight gain. Making it a routine to always go to bed at the same time will positively help improve on your sleep quality as you b. Set up a sleep by schedule, and get back on track.

Be consistent with your actions, it take persistence and patients to make progress. Once you tick all of the above and stay focussed towards your goal, change will be inevitable.

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